Two days

…of work for the mushroom production prevented me from biking. Got to fetch my 1,000 fruiting bags some 80 kms from my place. Two trips all in all to fit the 27 sacks in the car. That was other day.

Yesterday was a day for application of my business with the department of Trade and Industry in a nearby city where the provincial office of the accrexiting agency holds office. Last Monday, it took me four hours. Had to come back yesterday for a scheduled meeting laat Monday later afternoon. Yesterday, it took me two hours, because the name I preferred was rejected. The name – Lambert’s Farms

Bfast is served

…of low fat granola whole grain cereal with raisins and almonds, skimmed milk from milkitaly, two bananas i sliced amd double ezpresso cafe from Cafe Cordova. All of these I got from a duty free shop in Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority.

I biked earlier on for 38 mins breaking my own record, but did not sweat much.

Now ready for it with some news and Jumbled Words, my favorite habit if I have Philippine Star.

Simple healthy living while there’s time. Pray I develop the habit.