Another story

My son, the youngest is washing his clothes manually, that is by his hands. Just like me wherever I go or whatever I do the music is secured. So blurting from the speakers is Us and Them. I am ATM cooking for him some spam because so little was left with the cube bacons I cooked at three in the morning before I dozed off again at five.

Anyway, the song triggered a story from him. There is this young lady, his older brother’s classmate, Mariella, who she met in one party with his brother’s big sister, Reigna, who is super rich that her house is a glass house in Sumulong Antipolo.

“Papa Mariella stopped her studies,” he started. “Why?” I inquired. “Wala lang nakukulangan sya” he added.

Mariella it turned is super rich herself. She doesn’t feel fulfillment in studying. Instead she wants to work at Miriam College. I don’t how she will do it. Anyway, to cut it short. Janjan asked her what her type of music is.

Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Queen. And my son said, she knows what she is doing.

Watch “Tom Morello Tells A Story: Playing with Bruce Springsteen | Bonnaroo365” on YouTube

The Boss from Tom’s eyes

Here’s the performance. I hope I got it right. Tom is Prince in While My Guitar Gently Weeps but in the Rage Against The Machine tradition. Wow! This is the RNRHOF performance, not the Annaheim gig

The Ghost Of Tom Joad”

Men walkin’ ‘long the railroad tracks
Goin’ someplace there’s no goin’ back
Highway patrol choppers comin’ up over the ridge

Hot soup on a campfire under the bridge
Shelter line stretchin’ ’round the corner
Welcome to the new world order
Families sleepin’ in their cars in the Southwest
No home no job no peace no rest

The highway is alive tonight
But nobody’s kiddin’ nobody about where it goes
I’m sittin’ down here in the campfire light
Searchin’ for the ghost of Tom Joad

He pulls a prayer book out of his sleeping bag
Preacher lights up a butt and takes a drag
Waitin’ for when the last shall be first and the first shall be last
In a cardboard box ‘neath the underpass
Got a one-way ticket to the promised land
You got a hole in your belly and gun in your hand
Sleeping on a pillow of solid rock
Bathin’ in the city aqueduct

The highway is alive tonight
Where it’s headed everybody knows
I’m sittin’ down here in the campfire light
Waitin’ on the ghost of Tom Joad

Now Tom said “Mom, wherever there’s a cop beatin’ a guy
Wherever a hungry newborn baby cries
Where there’s a fight ‘gainst the blood and hatred in the air
Look for me Mom I’ll be there
Wherever there’s somebody fightin’ for a place to stand
Or decent job or a helpin’ hand
Wherever somebody’s strugglin’ to be free
Look in their eyes Mom you’ll see me.”

Well the highway is alive tonight
But nobody’s kiddin’ nobody about where it goes
I’m sittin’ down here in the campfire light
With the ghost of old Tom Joad

Pink Floyd

Introduced the band to my son. Last Sunday, I drove him to the church and let him listen to Brain Damage and Eclipse, the last two songs in the album Dark Side of The Moon. Didn’t expect to create an impact because his mind I knew was somewhere else, the very reason I brought up Pink Floyd.

The following morning brought the the boys to UA&P en route to SM North for the resumption of my gym visits with December being my last month. He asked for the songs. Started with Us and Them, skipped the instrumental part and then proceeded to the two final tracks. This afternoon when he arrived, he played nothing but these tbree songs and downloaded more. “Shine on You Diamond is about Syd Barrett, the founding leader of the band,’ I said. “He lost his mind to drugs and David Gilmour eventually replaced him,” further on I said. I recounted that day they were recording SOYCD and Syd listened. Weird because nobody recognized him. He quietly sneaked in, sat in a corner to listen and watch and then unceremoniously left.

He told me that there’s a roommate who also likes whatever music he feeds him. And he also passes on to him the behind-the-song stories I share with him. So now he could play music while in the dorm bathroom without any issue at all. His older brother does the same, too, anyway.