Mark Smith

…his death is not his fall, but his ultimate rise. I downloaded the latest Q Magazine yesterday and browsing through it, I saw Mark’s tribute articles. I did not know The Fall, his band founded in the mid-1970s, which has had 66 personnel in the course of decades with only Mark as the mainstay.

So ever curious that I always am, I downloaded what I can from his canon. And, now…. am enjoying his raw punk and eclectic style of music.

Rock history

…in magazines. Q 06/2007 issue. Pulling out one from my mags collection is in fact some wee-hour experience. Listening to Norah Jones and Tina Arena this post-midnight hour provides the right feel for it.

Elijah Wood puts up a record label and answers some post-LOTR production life questions.

Then one band in my bucket list to see – Kaiser Chiefs. Now I appreciate my collection, although not huge enough because I am picky, much better.